Pupjana Kadilli – Albenia

International Trade and Logistic BA’19

Hello dear Altınbaş Alumni!

As an Altınbaş University Alumni I feel very delighted to be a Global Ambassador spreading the good name of my university. Completing my Bachelor and Master Degree, I got a very successful academic background from the most hardworking staff. The knowledge and experience I took helped me alot in my Professional career. I am pleased to help everyone by sharing my experiences and my long life university life with you.

Please feel free to contact me for any kind of inquiries.

Aylin Gül – Germany

Turkish-German Law Double Degree Programʼ18

Hello, fellow Altinbas Uni Alumni!

I graduated from the Turkish-German Law Double Degree program, which is run together with the University of Cologne. I participated from the German side. As a Turkish girl born and grown up in Germany the double degree program was the best choice because of the opportunity to practice law in both Turkey and Germany. After I graduated, I moved to my hometown and worked at a notary’s office in Cologne. Since September 2021 I am living and doing my legal traineeship at Mersin Barosu in Mersin,Turkey to become a lawyer in October 2022. Incidentally I am preparing for the judge’s and prosecutor’s examination.

As a global ambassador, I hope to meet and engage with alumni students in Germany and connect alumni students.

I am available and free to contact by alumnis, new and prospective students within and outside Germany.

Connect with me via Linkedln:

Connect with me via Instagram:

Javid Ahmadzada – Azerbaijan

Medicine BA’20

Hello fellow Altinbas Alumni

I moved to Baku in September 2020 when I have graduated from Medicine Faculty of Altinbas University. I was accepted to a medical doctor in Urology clinics. Then I have started to Urology specialization in here. With my background from Medical faculty of Altinbas I am building my career life. Surgery, Football, Voleyball are great parts of my life.

As a Global Ambassador, I would like to communicate and gather together with many Alumni. I look forward to meet with you face to face in our wonderful cities. If you are an alumnus or student, do not hesitate to contact with me. Im excited to get you know better and communicate.

Feel free to contact to me on instagram


Hasan Abdulazeez Hameed – Iraq

Civil Engineering BA’20

Hello dear Altınbaş Alumni!

My name is Hasan Abdulaziz Hameed, I am a Bachelor’s Degree graduate from the engineering School at Altınbaş University. I work Site engineer in my country , I was a member of the International students team at Altınbaş University, I also worked in some organizations as a volunteer, such as the organization (Volunteer with Us) and also worked as a manager in the American company (Forever Living Products).

I am grateful and happy that I graduated from Altınbaş University, I am very pleased to be nominated as a global ambassador of the university ,As a global ambassador, I hope to get to know as many graduates as possible in Iraq, work with them, and create links between them ,please feel free to contact me.

You can contact me through the following:

(00964771857331) (00905389171617)(WhatsApp available)

Please stay safe, everyone!

Mohammed Adnan Moreb – Jordan

Electrical and Computeering Engineering Phd’19

Hello everyone,

I am Mohammed Moreb, obtained my Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Institute of Graduate Studies at Altinbas University, Istanbul, Turkey in 2020. Expertise in Cybercrimes & Digital Evidence Analysis, specifically focusing on Information and Network Security, with a strong publication track record, he improved his academic path with the international certificate such as CCNA, MCAD, MCSE; I have served as technical program committee member for different international conferences and journals. I worked with national and international donors for many projects supported by word bank, USA, Erasmus, and Erasmus+.

In November 2022 I started the position as a Global Alumni Ambassador for the Altınbaş University; Now I work in Birzeit University, Palestine, this give opportunity to contact and support any student want to study at Altinbas University and advise them for good academic achievements, supporting alumni and connect our altinbas university is the main golden responsivity to achieve. I have in my quiver three years of living in Istanbul and studying at Altinbas University that can benefit the newcomers. I also speak Arabic, Kurdish and English so please never hesitate to reach out to me in any language you speak the best. I am more than happy to represent and spread the name of Altinbas University.

You can reach out to me through the below:

+972598233302 (WhatsApp is Available)

Talha Munir – Pakistan

Mechanical Engineering MA’20

Greetings to the vibrant community of Altinbas University!

I am truly honored and thrilled to introduce myself as the Global Ambassador of Altinbas University in Pakistan. My name is Talha Munir, and I am an alumnus of Altinbas University, having completed my Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering in 2021. Currently, I proudly serve as the Engineering Manager at AIM ENGINEERING Pvt. Ltd. right here in Pakistan.

Reflecting on my journey at Altinbas University, I am filled with immense gratitude for the education, experiences, and values I gained. These have been pivotal in shaping my career and life’s path. Now, as an ambassador, I am dedicated to giving back and aiding students in Pakistan who are considering the exceptional educational journey that Altinbas University offers.

Navigating the academic world and career choices can be overwhelming, and I am here to offer guidance and support. If you have questions about Altinbas University, its programs, campus life, or anything else, please do not hesitate to contact me. You can reach out via WhatsApp at +923013089165 or drop me an email at I am here to provide insights, share my experiences, and be a mentor for those seeking to make the most of their time at Altinbas University.

I am excited to connect with each one of you and contribute to your journey in any way I can. Let’s explore the possibilities together and make your experience at Altinbas University truly exceptional.

Warm regards,

Marwan Tawfeeq – Iraq

Business Administration MA’18

My name is Marwan Tawfeeq and I am a Masters Degree graduate from the Business School at Altinbas University. I work for the United Nations in my country and if you ever come across the motto of what we do, you will find the following phrase; We Serve People. I spent 6 years outside my country in both Lebanon and Turkey where I worked and studied. I hope I can add value and serve my community by sharing what I have learned and acquired over these years.

I awe Altinbas university respect, gratitude and appreciation. I am very delighted to be nominated as a Global Ambassador for the university. I have in my quiver three years of living in Istanbul and studying at Altinbas University that can benefit the newcomers. I also speak Arabic, Kurdish and English so please never hesitate to reach out to me in any language you speak the best. I am more than happy to represent and spread the name of Altinbas University.

You can reach out to me through the below:

00964 751 154 1989 (WhatsApp is Available)

Please stay safe, everyone!



Asmaa Sokrat – Morocco

Architecture BA’18

My name is Asmaa SOKRAT, I have a bachelor degree in Altinbas university in the field of Architecture. Currently, I am having master degree in Architecture, Altinbas university. Moreover, studying in an international university in turkey such as Altinbas university, is enhancing my asset of international network relationships.
Furthermore, the relationship that our university has with numerous national and international universities in Morocco, is a plus to get the equivalence easily.
Finally I am very grateful to have such a great experience in Altinbas university.

As a global ambassador, it would be my pleasure to share my experience and support students who would like to join Altinbas university.

So please, if you have any question or want to know more about life and study in Altinbas, do not hesitate to contact me in my personal email:

Mohamed Deyaa Mossad Hesn – Egypt

Medicine BA’20

Hello AU Alumni!

I went back to my hometown -Damietta city- in August 2021 after graduation from Medicine Faculty of Altinbas University. I am interested in ICU specialty. I am a fundraiser in 2 NGOs, one in Egypt the other one in Nigeria for building water wells and boreholes.

As a global ambassador, I hope to know and meet with all the alumni students of Altinbas university.

Feel free to contact me through WhatsApp +201203956000 or linkedin “Muhammad Hesn”.

Zineddine Izri – Algeria

Mechanical Engineering MA’20

Hania Msami – Tanzania

Pharmacy BA’19

Hello AU Alumni!

Since my return, I have undertaken one year training at Tanzania Medicines and Medical Devices Authority (TMDA) where I was involved in assessing and regulating the quality, safety and efficacy of Medicines, Medical Devices and In-vitro Diagnostics manufactured locally and internationally for direct consumption, importation and exportation. Upon completion and up to date, I am residing in Bagamoyo where I work for Ifakara Health Institute (IHI) a research facility dealing with Clinical trials conduct and Pharmacovigilance. My recent post offers the right challenges and responsibilities to fuel innovation, dedication and initiative. In my leisure time, I am either reading or travelling.

As a Global Ambassador, I hope to get to know as many alumni in Tanzania and connect them to one another. If you’re an alumnus or a student please feel free to contact me. I’m excited to get to know you better!

Connect with me via LinkedIn

Aisha Motunrayo Abimbola – Nigeria

Pharmacy BA’17

Hello, fellow Altinbas Uni Alumni!

I later proceeded to obtain another MSc. degree in Drug Discovery in England. I have a strong inclination towards research. Over the years and during my time at AU, I have worked on impactful studies. Some of my findings are in reputable journals. My time at Altinbas University had an immense impact on my development by nurturing my goals and providing me with the necessary tools to thrive in professional and academic settings.

As a global ambassador, I hope to meet and engage with alumni students in Nigeria and connect alumni students. Additionally, I intend to create a community that fosters networking between the alumni students, the university and assist prospective and new students as they embark on a beautiful journey at Altinbas University.

I am available and free to contact by alumnus, new and prospective students within and outside Nigeria.

Connect to me on LinkedIn with this link; or email me at

I look forward to meeting you all.

Vincent Kenechukwu Obiorah – Nigeria

Business Administration BA’15

Hello fellow Colleagues,

I feel elated to be part of this strategy to uplift my school. Our prestigious University got me exposed positively after completing two Erasmus programs in two different countries, this in turn sharpened my interpersonal skills and made my stay memorable as a foreign student, bagged a master degree afterwards and had a smooth entry into my professional career.

As a global Ambassador, I would like to get acquainted to probably all the alumni in the game and share amazing ideas and to all the students, please feel free to get in touch.


Whtsapp; +2349076008430

Paki Mafatle – South Africa

Medicine BA’20

Hello, fellow Altinbas Uni Alumni!

I graduated from medical faculty of Altınbaş University in September 2020 and moved back to my he country South Africa. I am still in the process of writing the medical board exam for foreign qualified graduates. With the outstanding education from our profesors in Altınbaş I am hopeful i will succeed. (Will update you all how it went.)

Since February this year I have been working in our local hospital as a primary physician. My colleagues are impressed with the skill and experience I have from Altınbaş’s medical internship.

As a global ambassador I will be happy to provide any help or information to prospective students of Altınbaş and other alumni. I hope to meet you all one day when the world has survived the Covid-19 pandemic.

My socials are

Instagram @paki_mafatle

YouTube @ everything medical explained ( )

Mohamed Diallo – Mali
Business Administration BA’19

Hello fellow Altinbas Alumni

I moved to Bamako, Mali in October 2019 when I decided to be part of the direct builder to the development of my country. However, I accepted a financial auditor position with EXAFI (accounting and audit firm based in Mali). Before that – I earned a BA at Albinbas University (’03) in Business Admnistration and for about 2 years I’m also on a few social entrepreneurship projets with a friend. My professionnal background is in human ressource department in a mining entite which help me to have some experiences in that sector in general more precisely in management. In my spare time, I enjoy listening to music, learning about a new things and hanging out with friends and family.

As a global Ambassador, I hope to get to know as many alumni around the world and to connect them to one another.

If you’re an alumnus, a student from Altinbas University, new student who want to be a part of Altinbas family, or in anywhere close to West Africa – please feel free to contact me. I’m excited to get to know you better.

Connect to me on and +223 76762810

Hussein Omar Hussein – Somalia

Information Technology MA’16

Hello, Dear folks at ALTINBAS alumni

I moved back to my country after 10 years of living abroad. having one goal in my mind which is how I can give back to the community what I have learned over the years I was outside. I started educating young fellows as a university lecturer. Similarly, I started working in public administrations to contribute the knowledge and experience I acquired over the years.

As ALTINBAS university alumni, it gives me immense pleasure to represent my University in my beloved country. Been an ALTINBAS global ambassador allows me to create a network for other Newly graduates. Furthermore, to create a community and platform where students who are willing to study in Turkey can get the information they need from us as altinbas alumni.

As an Information technology graduate, I always use technology to reach out to the world and make new friends. I’ll be over the moon if you could reach me on the social media accounts below.

Facebook: @Hussein Omar Hussein | Or via WhatsApp +252614323260

Best regards,


Ramatoulaye Almoustapha – Niger

Psychology BA’17

Hello dear Altinbas Alumni,

After my graduation from the prestigious Altinbas university, I have started working for national statistics institute and my main duty was gathering information about young girls in villages and finding ways to keep them the longest possible at school rather than them getting married early. Later, I have been recruited at Turkish MAARIF Foundation’s school in Niger where I am actually working as a guidance and psychological counselor. I am very proud to apply the knowledge and experience, gained at Altinbas, in my current job.

Being a global ambassador is a prestige for me as I represent my beloved university in my beloved country and I will be available to communicate and be a bridge between the university and its alumni and the alumni between themselves.

Feel free to contact me on whatsapp +227 94 45 08 57 may you be an alumnus, a current or new student.

Best regards,